Violence Intervention & Prevention (VIP) Elder Abuse & Crime Victims Assistance Program

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Alleviating the effects of domestic violence and crime on seniors in the Bronx.

SHOPP's VIP Program focuses on alleviating the effects of domestic violence and crime on older Bronx residents and helping to prevent victimization of the elderly. We believe that older adults should be in a safe environment and that they should be able to recognize and deal appropriately with threatening situations in a manner that minimizes risk to themselves.


VIP social workers provide specialized services for older victims of domestic violence and crime through information and referral, case assistance, individual and family counseling, assistance with crime victims compensation claims, crisis intervention, and crime and elder abuse prevention workshops and educational presentations. Coordination and collaboration with other agencies such as Adult Protective Services, the Bronx District Attorney's Office,and the NYC Department for the Aging Elderly Victims Resource Center ensure that victims are provided with timely and effective intervention.

N. SHOPP VIP Joins NYPD Officer’s Rojas and Caceres from the DV Unit at the 43rd Precinct to co-sponsor a Domino Tournament held on May 24th, 2018.

Using Empowerment Model to Prevent Elder Abuse & Assist Victims: Spotlight on NSHOPP

This is the first post in a two blog series featuring Evelyn Laureano, Ph.D., LMSW and Neighborhood Self Help by Older Persons Project (Neighborhood SHOPP), an organization that has taken on elder victimization in the Latino and African American communities in the Bronx. 

A Vision for the Elder Justice Field through the Eyes of  Dr. Evelyn Laureano

This is the second segment of a two-part blog featuring Evelyn Laureano, Ph.D., LMSW and Neighborhood Self Help by Older Persons Project (SHOPP), an organization that has taken on elder victimization in the Latino and African American communities in the Bronx.

Elder Abuse in Latino Communities

Elder abuse in Latino communities is a common phenomenon that often goes unreported. A 2012 study conducted by the University of Southern California (USC) found that 40 percent of the 198 Latino immigrant older adults interviewed had experienced abuse, and 21 percent had suffered several forms of abuse. 

Cultivating New Elder Justice Professionals: The Risk & Resiliency Internship Project

The NYC Elder Abuse Center (NYCEAC) engages the next generation of elder justice professionals through the 7-week Risk and Resilience Internship Project (RRIP) co-created with The Legacy Project.

eNewsletter about Concerned Persons (family, friends and neighbors in the lives of elder abuse victims) - with a spotlight on Dr. Evelyn Laureano
I'll Stand by You Recognizing Concerned [...]
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