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Redefining Aging

NSHOPP Senior Network Group Work Program

953 Southern Boulevard, Suite 203, Bronx, New York 10459 Tel: 718-542-0006

Serving as SHOPP's unique core program, the SHOPP Senior Network promotes opportunities for the development of a self help supportive network for older persons. Our 27 SHOPP Senior Network groups are located in almost every Bronx Community Board district and are hosted within senior housing (Sec. 202) buildings, churches, NYCHA public housing and community centers with an annual participation of over 500 older persons (mostly women of color). SHOPP provides supportive services to these groups at their sites which include professional social work services of caseworkers and group workers and educational and recreational activity specialists and instructors who go to each site once a week for a SHOPP-sponsored scheduled class or activity. Program supplies, materials, and equipment needed for a specific activity (such as sewing machines, blood pressure monitors) are also provided.

NSHOPP Senior Network Access Program (SNAP)

953 Southern Boulevard, Suite 205, Bronx, New York 10459 Tel: 718-620-4650

The Bronx is home to over 42,000 persons over age 65 living at or below the Federal poverty level. Many more are living "on the edge" of poverty. While there are many forms of assistance to help older persons, there are also barriers that prevent eligible individuals from receiving this help, language barriers, lack of awareness and knowledge of the bureaucratic system all serve as barriers to participation. SHOPP's SNAP services are aimed at minimizing these barriers by providing older persons and their families increased access to benefits and entitlements. Also provided are supportive counseling, information and referral and advocacy on behalf of clients to other programs and services. SNAP caseworkers screen and assist clients to ensure they receive such benefits as Social Security, SSI, Medicaid, Medicare Part D, Food Stamps, home care., HEAP, SCRIE, and other eligible entitlements and services.

Services are offered at seven-off site locations as well.

Senior Centers

NSHOPP Casa Boricua Innovative Senior Center

910 East 172nd Street, Bronx, New York 10460 Tel: 718-542-0222

A dynamic, accessible, and appealing community focal point for minority/Latino elders, SHOPP Casa Boricua Senior Center offers daily services which include a meal program, a wide variety of educational and recreational activities, case assistance, health promotion, and volunteer opportunities. Highlights of the center include the Casa Boricua Dance Performers, championship-winning domino teams and our popular Social Friday/Viernes Social Disco. Opportunities are available for senior volunteers to provide telephone reassurance and friendly visiting to home bound elders and other peer leadership activities. Facilities include a fitness center, sewing rooms, billiard tables, and activities salons.

NSHOPP Leon Senior Center

735 East 152nd Street, Bronx, NY 10455 Tel: 718-708-6897

SHOPP Leon Senior Center is an active and vibrant program offering minority elders daily services which include a meal program, an array of educational and recreational activities, case assistance, telephone reassurance, health promotion, and volunteer opportunities all in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. SHOPP Leon Center is unique in offering opportunities in creative arts such as; ceramics, painting and healthy cooking classes in conjunction with local organizations. Facilities include billiard room, TV lounge, creative arts and multipurpose activity room, exercise / fitness room, ceramics room with 2 kilns and access to a large outdoor space, allowing for summer activities such as cookouts and fitness classes.

NSHOPP Guess Senior Center

2070 Clinton Avenue, Bronx, New York 10457 Tel: 718-584-2357

A dynamic, accessible, and appealing community focal point for elders, SHOPP Guess Senior Center offers daily services which include a meal program, a wide variety of educational and recreational activities, case assistance, telephone reassurance, health promotion, transportation and volunteer opportunities. Other activities include trips to theaters, casinos, parks museums and other locations. Throughout the year SHOPP Guess Senior Center celebrates popular events and holidays by offering entertainment, activities, music and refreshments. Facilities include billiard tables, piano, computer lab, arts and crafts room and a spacious patio often used for BBQs and summer events.

NSHOPP CMP Case Management Program

910 East 172nd Street, 2nd Floor, Bronx, New York 10460 Tel: 718-328-3536

Our case management program focuses on planning, arranging and coordinating services and resources to maximize the functional independence and economic and social well-being of Bronx home bound elderly. Aimed at maintaining independent living in the community and reducing social isolation, services include identification of needs and capabilities through a comprehensive intake and assessment process; determination of eligibility of DFTA-funded in home and social adult day services, home delivered meals and other supportive services; monitoring, advocacy, and follow-up on referrals and service provision.

NSHOPP New York Connects - The Bronx

953 Southern Boulevard, Suite 204, Bronx, NY 10459 Tel: 347-862-5200

 Finding the right long term care services and supports can be confusing.  NY Connects - The Bronx is a trusted place that helps Bronx residents of all ages to remain independent in their daily lives by providing information and assistance to help individuals make informed choices about long term care services and supports. Professional staff can provide options counseling to help Bronx residents link with home care, caregiver supports, care coordination, respite care, transportation, home delivered meals, health insurance information and more. 


NSHOPP Lafayette Estates NORC Supportive Services Program

825 Morrisana Avenue, Bronx, New York 10473  Tel: 718-617-2216

NORC stands for Naturally Occurring Retirement Community. This is a unique program that addresses the community and participants’ needs where older residents can access health and social services right in their own building or complex. NORC's aim is to maximize and support the successful aging in place of older residents. The Lafayette Estate housing development is home to over 1,800 older adults and offer case assistance, wellness activities, classes in arts and crafts, dance, computer labs, cultural activities and trips.

NSHOPP VIP Elder Abuse & Crime Victims Assistance Program

953 Southern Boulevard, Suite 203, Bronx, New York 10459 Tel: 718-542-0006

SHOPP's VIP Program focuses on alleviating the effects of domestic violence and crime on older Bronx residents and helping to prevent victimization of the elderly. We believe that older adults should be in a safe environment and that they should be able to recognize and deal appropriately with threatening situations in a manner that minimizes risk to themselves. VIP social workers provide specialized services for older victims of domestic violence and crime through information and referral, case assistance, individual and family counseling, assistance with crime victims compensation claims, crisis intervention, and crime and elder abuse prevention workshops and educational presentations. Coordination and collaboration with other agency's such as Adult Protective Services, the Bronx District Attorney's Office, and the NYC Department for the Aging Elderly Victims Resource Center ensure that victims are provided with timely and effective intervention.

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