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Neighborhood Self-Help by Older Persons Project (SHOPP) is a non-profit social services agency located in the Bronx serving minority, older adults.  SHOPP’s mission is based on the philosophy of self-help. We believe that older people are capable of helping themselves and helping others improve their capacity to deal with the physical, emotional, social and financial challenges they face as they age.  


SHOPP has several components which include: the CMP Case Management Program, the Senior Network Group Work Program; the SNAP Case Assistance Program; the VIP Crime Victims and Elder Abuse VIP Program; the Healthy Living/Proyecto Salud Wellness Project; the Neighborhood SHOPP Casa Boricua, Leon and Guess Senior Centers, the SHOPP Lafayette Estates NORC Supportive ServicesProgram, and Transportation Services.   


SHOPP staff must be prepared to utilize the agency’s philosophy of self-help and mutual assistance to enable participants to gain and express positive, psychological and social well-being as an outcome of their involvement in the SHOPP program.


SHOPP participants are provided with opportunities to: access benefits and entitlements; serve as volunteers; join planning and support groups; take advantage of training programs, participate in nutritional, educational, recreational and health promotion activities; and participate in community service and leadership development.   


The following positions are available:


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Self-Help by Older Persons Project, Inc. (SHOPP)

953 Southern Blvd.
Suite 203
Bronx, NY 10459

Phone: 718-542-0006

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